5 Back To School Allergy Tips

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Summer vacation is coming to an end, which means most kids will be heading back to school. While this time of the year is exciting for some, many parents worry about sending their child with allergies back to school. School exposes children to environmental and food allergies, putting them at risk for severe allergic reactions.

Thankfully, there are many ways to avoid an allergic reaction in school. Going back to school with allergies does not need to be a hassle. NY Allergy & Sinus Centers is here to help you and your little warrior get through this school year with ease. Send your child back to school with these allergy tips in mind.

Pack Their Allergy Medication for Them

No matter how old kids get, they still forget important information. Make sure your child is always prepared for an allergic reaction by packing their medication and checking their bag each morning to ensure it’s still there. If they take over-the-counter allergy medication, make sure the bottle has enough to get them through the week. For those that need to carry an auto epinephrine injection, they need a backup pen as well.

Talk to Teachers About What Foods Are Allowed in the Classroom

Teachers play a huge role in protecting your child. While food allergies are gaining more recognition, there are still some classes that allow the top eight foods responsible for allergic reactions. If your child is allergic to peanuts, reach out to their new teacher and let them know about the food allergy. In the event that the classroom is not an allergy-free environment, create an action plan during lunch and snack time. Will children with food allergies be seated away from others? Will those that have food with allergens be placed in a separate room? These are some questions to ask the teacher.

Medical Alert Bracelets for Allergies

Younger kids may not understand the extremity of allergies yet. A medical alert bracelet will do the talking for them. It lets everyone know that they have a severe allergy and should be cautious when bringing the allergen near them. There are fashionable bracelets that won’t make your child feel insecure about their allergies.

Medical alert bracelets also help emergency response teams treat the child. They won’t have to ask too many questions to figure out what caused the reaction. These bracelets are life savers.

Ask About Indoor Sports

Physical activity is important for everyone; but for those who suffer from outdoor allergies, it could be more harmful than helpful. Pollen allergies make kids feel miserable outside, while a bee sting could be life threatening. Talk to the school about activities they can do indoors. If the school has a gym, recommend basketball and volleyball as an alternative for those who can’t play football or soccer outside. There are options for everyone.

Visit An Allergist Before School Begins

Allergies can develop at any time. It’s best to get an allergy test each year to know your current allergies. A board certified allergist can develop a treatment plan for the school year and prescribe any necessary medications. The allergists at NY Allergy & Sinus Centers have years of experience caring for pediatric patients.  

Going back to school should be an exciting time for your kids, not a scary experience. Book your appointment with us today and feel confident about the upcoming school year.

Meet The Physician Collaborator

Dr. Kena Shah is a board certified physician specializing in adult and pediatric allergy & immunology. She received her degree from Nova Southeastern University in Miami, Florida. She participates in research and has authored and co-authored multiple journal articles. You can book an appointment with her by calling (718) 416-0207 or visiting one of our seven locations.