Corn Allergy

If you have a physical reaction after consuming corn or corn products, you may be showing signs of a corn allergy. Symptoms include hives, nausea, sneezing, asthma, headaches, and anaphylaxis. The main culprit of these symptoms is a protein called zein. Zein is a protein in corn that can trigger an allergic reaction.

Corn can be ingested in a variety of forms, which makes corn allergies hard to identify without proper knowledge. These forms include oil, flour, and cornstarch. Some refined corn oils may not contain zein and may be safe to consume; however, it is important to consult an allergist beforehand and exercise extreme caution. Corn is also found in many processed foods. Our allergists understand the difficulties faced living with a corn allergy. That is why we have provided a list of products and ingredients that you may need to avoid, as well as a list of corn-free foods that you can enjoy. Let us help you navigate through this difficult allergy with ease.


Alcohol Bacon Certain Soups
Cookies Bread Popcorn
Grits Pudding Bologna
Powdered Sugar Baking mixes Sausage
Ale/Beer Ice cream Tortillas
Cornflakes Salad Dressing Crackers
Gum Preserves Certain Jams Peanut Butter


Wheat Flour Eggs Wheat-based Pasta
Pure All Natural Meats Quinoa
Locally Produced Honey Beans Plain Yogurt
Chocolate Chips Rice Certain Pancakes
100% Fruit Juice Mixed Nuts 100% Rolled Oats
Cocoa Dried Fruit Snacks Unprocessed Cheese
Rice Bread Wheat Bread Pitas


For more information on corn allergies, contact NY Allergy & Sinus Centers.


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