Grass Allergy

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Girl sitting in grass

Do you get hives when sitting or walking through grass? Then you may have a grass allergy. Symptoms of a grass allergy include skin irritation (itching and rashes), allergic rhinitis (sneezing, itchy eyes, itchy nose, and congestion), and breathing difficulties. Grass allergies are usually caused by pollen. The types of grass that are most common in causing allergic reactions are: bermuda, johnson, kentucky, orchard, redtop, rye, sweet vernal, and timothy. If you are allergic to one kind of grass, you will most likely be allergic to many other types as well.

Grass Allergy Diagnosis

An allergist can do an allergy test to determine if you have a grass allergy. A skin prick test is most useful in diagnosing this allergy. Your allergist will expose your skin to grass allergens to see if there is a physical reaction and a result usually takes less than twenty minutes to obtain.  An allergist can also use a patch allergy test for allergic reactions on your skin; however, this allergy test takes two days to produce a result.

Grass Allergy Treatment

The best treatment for allergies is avoidance; however, it is almost impossible to avoid grass since it is found everywhere. For grass allergy relief, over-the-counter allergy medication can treat itching and allergic rhinitis. Our allergists recommend Zyrtec for treating your symptoms related to grass allergies. For long-lasting allergy treatment, we suggest immunotherapy. These allergy shots will slowly cause your immune system to become less sensitive to the allergen. Allergy treatment is a long-term commitment, but people report seeing a positive change in their allergy symptoms within a few months.

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