Treatment for Migraine Headaches

Table of Contents

Preventive measures include:
  • Regular exercise
  • Proper sleep
  • Eating regularly and don’t skip meals
  • Avoid stress when possible
  • Avoid those foods that trigger your migraines
Medical treatment includes:

There are several very effective prescription medications currently available from your doctor that will eliminate your migraine after it has begun. They are available in tablet form as well as a single dose nasal spray. They do not cause drowsiness. These medications allow you to continue your work or daily activities without being disrupted from a headache. Other suggestions include applying a cold pack or cloth to your head and lie down in a quiet, dark area to rest. Don’t try to read and avoid odors such as those from cooking or from tobacco. Keeping a food diary of foods that you have eaten prior to your migraine may help you to identify those triggers. Keeping track of other possible contributing factors may also help you to avoid migraine headaches.