Why Choose NY Allergy & Sinus Centers

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NY Allergy & Sinus Centers offers our patients allergy, immunology, sinus, and asthma care across seven convenient locations throughout Manhattan and Queens. We offer extended hours and same-day appointments at every location, as well as walk-ins. All of our physicians are board-certified with extensive experience in allergy, immunology, sinus, and asthma care.

Additionally, we are the only private practice in Manhattan with 3D sinus imaging CT scanners, offering quick and effective imaging of our patients’ sinuses. We use leading-edge technologies to diagnose your allergies immediately because we know that faster diagnosis means faster relief.

Our allergists follow the latest updates in medicine and have even published their own findings. Dr. Nejat, owner and chief medical officer, has a long list of publications along with most of our allergists who have written medical books and journal articles.

Visit one of our locations and choose NY Allergy & Sinus Centers as your one and only allergy, immunology, sinus, and asthma care center. Call (212) 686-6321 for an appointment in Chelsea, Garden City, Glendale, Midtown, Murray Hill, New Hyde Park, Staten Island, Upper East Side, or Upper West Side