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Indications : For colds, upper respiratory infections, sinusitis and allergic rhinitis.

DRUG CLASS : Antihistamines

BRAND NAMES : Deconamine


For colds, upper respiratory infections, sinusitis and allergic rhinitis. Symptomatic relief.

Clears nasal passages, Promotes sinus drainage, Shrinks swollen membranes, Relieves sneezing, Relieves itchy, watery eyes, Low side effect profile. Mild CNS effect, Low sedation, Lowest reported cardiotoxicity profile.

Deconamine® (chlorpheniramine maleate, 8 mg/d-pseudoephedrine HCI, 120 mg) Sustained- Release Capsules. 12-hour relief from colds, URI, sinusitis, allergies.

Deconamine® Syrup. (chlorpheniramine maleate, 2 mg/d-pseudoephedrine HCI, 30 mg per teaspoonful/5ml) Tasty, grape-flavored relief for infants, children.

Children’s Deconamine® Chewable Tablets. (chlorpheniramine maleate, 1 mg/d-pseudoephedrine HCI, 15 mg) Easy-to-take, grape-flavored tablets for children.

Deconamine® Tablets.(chlorpheniramine maleate,4 mg/d-pseudoephedrine HCI, 60 mg)

Flexible, short-acting 4-hour relief from major symptoms of colds, URI, sinusitis and allergies.

And, for coughs due to colds :

Deconamine®CX CIII Liquid. (hydrocodone* bitartrate, 5 mg;/d-pseudoephedrine HCI, 60 mg/guaifenesin, 200 mg per teaspoonful/5 ml)Potent cough and cold therapy.

Deconamine® CX CIII Tablets. (hydrocodone* bitartrate, 5 mg/ d-pseudoephedrine HCI, 30 mg/guaifenesin, 300 mg) Potent cough and cold therapy for those on the go.

* WARNING : may be habit forming