Allergy Shots: What to Expect

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allergy shots

How Do Allergy Shots Work?

At NY Allergy & Sinus Centers, we perform allergy immunotherapy, also known as allergy shots. Allergy shots are a long term solution to your allergies. During the process, you are injected with small amounts of an allergen on a regular basis, first weekly and then monthly. At your first immunotherapy appointment, a very small dosage is injected to prevent any reaction. Then, the doses are increased over time causing your immune system to become less sensitive to the allergen. 

We recommend allergy shots for patients who suffer from moderate to severe allergies, or anyone who wants to stop taking daily medication for allergies even if for only a few weeks a year. This treatment will help you feel better if you have environmental and pet allergies. It is currently not available for all food allergies, except for peanut allergies. Medication is available but not as shots. Contact the allergists at NY Allergy & Sinus Centers for more information on available treatments.

How Effective Are Monthly Allergy Shots?

Upon beginning treatment at one of our allergy centers in NYC, you will visit our specialists one to two times a week for several weeks. During this build-up stage, you may feel some discomfort. However, our specialists are dedicated to making sure your treatment is successful with minimal discomfort.

Once you enter the maintenance phase, the allergen dose is increased as well as the time between shots until you are getting them once a month for three to five years. Many patients notice an improvement in symptoms within six months of the treatment. 

Allergy shots are very effective in controlling your allergy symptoms. You will experience less sneezing, coughing, and asthma symptoms as well as nasal congestion, watery eyes, runny nose, and itchy eyes. Allergy shots also help control eczema. While the treatment is a long term commitment, it is worth the effort to feel better each day as allergy shots significantly improve your quality of life. 

Can Allergy Shots Help Prevent Asthma?

Asthma symptoms are common in patients with allergies. Wheezing and shortness of breath can result from allergens entering the mouth and nose. In this case, allergy shots can improve these symptoms. Data has shown that starting allergy shots in children CAN prevent asthma from developing and we encourage parents of children aged 4-10 to start allergy shots to prevent asthma. Allergy shots remove your allergies, thus removing one of the triggers of asthma and so their asthma does improve and they would have fewer flares per year. 

To begin allergy shots, book an appointment at NY Allergy and Sinus Centers to determine if you are a candidate for treatment. Your appointment will include a quick allergy test to confirm your allergies followed by a personalized treatment plan. We mix every allergy serum in-house so you never have to wait for your treatment. You can trust our allergy specialists to help you feel better fast! 

Meet the Physician Collaborator

Dr. Robert Tamayev is a physician specializing in both Pediatric and Adult Allergy & Immunology. He manages a wide spectrum of allergic diseases, including perennial and seasonal allergies, asthma, food allergies, eczema, hives (urticaria), and contact dermatitis. He is Board Certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine and the American Board of Allergy and Immunology. You can schedule an appointment with Dr. Tamayev by calling (718) 416-0207 or booking an appointment online for our allergy center in Queens.