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Sesame Allergies Are On The Rise!

A sesame allergy affects an estimated 1.5 million children and adults. This number is more than what researchers previously thought, which means new cases of allergic reactions to sesame are being reported. Sesame allergy symptoms include: Hives or rash Itchiness and/or swelling inside the mouth Difficulty breathing Low pulse rate Anaphylaxis Sesame is now the… Continue Reading Sesame Allergies Are On The Rise!

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Should You Get Allergy Tested

Allergy tests are useful in quickly determining which foods, medicines, or environmental particles are causing your allergic reaction. There are many tests available that NYC allergists rely on, such as skin prick and patch tests. Along with a medical exam, allergy testing is very accurate. However, it may not be necessary for everyone. The allergists… Continue Reading Should You Get Allergy Tested

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Delaying Allergy Treatment

Introduction When left untreated, allergies can open the door to many other problems. The consequences of delaying allergy treatment range from health issues to poor quality of life. Patients may not feel the immediate effect of untreated allergies beyond common symptoms such as sneezing and itching. However, if allergy treatment is significantly delayed, more severe… Continue Reading Delaying Allergy Treatment

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Elijah’s Law Feature Image

Elijah’s Law

What is Elijah’s Law? Elijah’s Law tells early education programs in New York that they must follow state food allergy guidelines and protocols to prevent, recognize and respond quickly to life-threatening anaphylactic reactions. The bill was inspired by Elijah Silvera, a three-year-old boy who died of anaphylaxis after a daycare employee fed him a grilled… Continue Reading Elijah’s Law

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The Benefits of Allergy Shots

Allergies can ruin a person’s quality of life. That’s why the allergists at NY Allergy & Sinus Centers specialize in immunotherapy. Allergy immunotherapy, also known as allergy shots, is a treatment in which a patient is injected with small amounts of their allergens on a regular basis at gradually increasing doses. Over a period of… Continue Reading The Benefits of Allergy Shots

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Sending Your Child to Summer Camp With Allergies Feature Image

Sending Your Child to Summer Camp With Allergies

School is finally out and many kids will be going off to summer camp soon. As exciting as summer camp is, it can be scary for parents with allergic kids. Whether your child suffers from food, environmental, or insect allergies, it’s important to be cautious when sending them off to camp. Camp leaders may not… Continue Reading Sending Your Child to Summer Camp With Allergies

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Top 5 Summer Allergens Feature Image

Top 5 Summer Allergens

Summer officially begins June 21. That means summer allergens will be in full swing. While spring is considered the worst season for allergies, summer allergies can be just as bad. Summer brings us three full months of allergy triggers that can make anyone miserable. It’s important to know what allergens thrive this season; so, the… Continue Reading Top 5 Summer Allergens

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Grass Pollen Is On The Way! Feature Image

Grass Pollen Is On The Way!

What is Pollen? Pollen is a powdery substance comprising of pollen grains found in plants. Grasses usually pollinate in the late spring or early summer. In NYC, June is the month for grass pollen to thrive. Due to rising temperatures, grass pollen season may be longer this year. For people with allergies, this means more… Continue Reading Grass Pollen Is On The Way!

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Asthma Triggers in the Home Feature Image

Asthma Triggers in the Home

May is Asthma Awareness Month. Spring is one of the peak seasons for asthma, so it’s important to be aware of its triggers. An asthma attack can be triggered by various allergens in your home. Eliminating these allergens is the first step in controlling your asthma. The allergists at NY Allergy & Sinus Centers are… Continue Reading Asthma Triggers in the Home

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Flurandrenolide or Triamcinole Acetonide Feature Image

Flurandrenolide or Triamcinole Acetonide

Flurandrenolide and triamcinolone acetonide are active ingredients used in some topical steroid creams such as Cordran cream and Triderm cream to treat symptoms certain skin conditions. These symptoms include redness, itching, swelling, and other skin discomfort. These medications must be prescribed by a physician to treat your skin problems. Flurandrenolide or triamcinolone acetonide are very… Continue Reading Flurandrenolide or Triamcinole Acetonide

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