Minimally Invasive Sinus Treatment



Sinus Disease is one of the most common chronic medical conditions facing Americans today. Sinus disease causes our healthcare system billions of dollars in direct and indirect costs and results in millions of lost days from work and school.

Sinusitis is basically a drainage issue. The openings of the sinuses (Ostia) get plugged up by allergies, a cold or swollen tissue (like nasal polyps or swollen turbinates) and block the drainage of mucus that is produced by tissue of the sinuses. This mucus just sits there and ultimately becomes infected. As it becomes infected, the mucus becomes thicker and it becomes even more difficult for it to drain.

The sinuses have a relatively poor blood supply, making it more difficult for medicine and white blood cells to get to the sinuses to treat the infection.

The doctors at our allergy & sinus center are experts in diagnosing sinusitis, both acute and chronic sinusitis. We will then try to find the causes of the blockage that led to your condition. Through allergy testing and non-invasive imaging of the sinuses using Manhattan’s only Minicat low radiation CT scanner utilizing conebeam technology, we are able to identify the underlying cause of many sinus infections and effectively treat them. With our Minicat sinus CT scanner, we obtain a 3-D image of the sinuses which we use to customize the treatment of your sinus condition. Sinus disease that is refractory to medical management may need to be referred to an ear nose and throat specialist for sinus surgery.

Sinus Diagram Front

Sinus Diagram Deviated Septum