Mosquito Allergy (Skeeter Syndrome)

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With summer winding down, everyone in the city is making their last trips to explore nature. This means that mosquito bites are occurring more often. Most bites occur at either dusk or dawn, when mosquitoes are most active. For most people, a mosquito bite is just a red, itchy bump; but for those with a mosquito allergy, a bite can be life threatening.

Symptoms of a mosquito allergy include skin lesions or hives, bruising, lymphangitis, and even anaphylaxis. An allergic reaction to mosquito bites is known as Skeeter Syndrome. The allergists at NY Allergy & Sinus Centers know how severe Skeeter Syndrome can be and are here to help. With the proper knowledge from our allergy specialists, you can avoid being swarmed by these annoying insects.

How Do I Know If I Have A Mosquito Allergy?

If you experience any of the symptoms listed above, you should book an appointment with a Board Certified allergist. An allergist will review the mosquito bump and perform an allergy test. The most commonly used tests in determining a mosquito allergy are skin prick allergy tests and allergy blood tests. If the results are positive, your allergist will create a treatment plan to help you navigate through mosquito season with ease.

How Do I Avoid Mosquito Bites?

With mosquitoes, avoid standing water. Damp atmospheres attract mosquitoes and other insects. It’s also important to apply insect repellent frequently when you are outside. Consider wearing long clothing, since mosquitoes are attracted to exposed skin. Long t-shirts and lightweight pants are good options that won’t suffocate you in this summer heat.

How Do I Treat A Mosquito Bite?

For less severe symptoms, a hydrocortisone cream or calamine lotion will help with the itching. Over-the-counter allergy medications can also provide relief. For life threatening symptoms, an allergist will provide you with an epinephrine injection, such as an EpiPen or Auvi-Q Injector. Ask your allergist about the many treatment options available.

NY Allergy & Sinus Centers works hard to diagnose and treat your mosquito allergy. Available six days a week, we can treat you in seven locations throughout Manhattan and Queens. Don’t wait to book your appointment. Mosquito season is in full swing.

Meet The Physician Collaborator

Dr. Robert Lin is a physician specializing in internal medicine with a subspecialty in allergy and immunology. He is board certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine as well as the American Board of Allergy and Immunology. He has affiliations with both Weill-Cornell and New York Medical College. You can schedule an appointment with Dr. Lin by calling (212) 686-4448 or by visiting one of our seven locations.