Preventative Measures against Sulfite Sensitivity

Table of Contents

If you feel you may be sensitive to these agents or have been so informed by your physician, the following preventive measures are suggested
  1. Read labels on all processed foods. Sulfating agents may be mentioned on the label and their presence will be indicated by one or more of the following terms:
    • sulfur dioxide
    • potassium bisulfate or potassium metabisulfate
    • sodium bisulfate, sodium metabisulfate or sodium sulfite.
  2. When ordering food in a restaurant ask a manager if sulfating agents are present in the specific item you desire. Most restaurants have discontinued the use of sulfating agents on the recommendation of the National Restaurant Association. However, it is often present in the items purchased from suppliers. Press the manager for a definite answer, but he may not be aware of sulfites added by the suppliers.
  3. If the manager seems in doubt or you do not receive a definite answer, order an item which is not sulfated such as chicken, eggs, meat or cheese.

For further information or medical advice, please consult your allergist or physician.