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More About Nasocort AQ

Nasocort AQ is one of the older intranasal steroids available in the US market. It has a number of attributes that offer beneficial points. These include:

  1. It is unscented. The rose scent that is present in the preservative that is used with Flonase, Vancenase AQ, Beconase AQ and Nasonex can be irritating to many patients. Nasocort AQ is completely unscented.
  2. It is thixotropic-it stays where it is sprayed. Another major complaint patients have with intranasal steroids is that there is a “backdrip” that can be very irritating. It is not as much of an issue with Nasocort AQ.

There are also some negative points about Nasocort AQ. These include:

  1. Triamcinalone (the active ingredient in Nasocort AQ) is not as potent as some of the newer corticosteroids. Therefore, the onset of action is slower than some of the newer products on the market, such as Nasonex and Flonase.
  2. Triamcinalone is more readily absorbed in to the systemic circulation than some of the newer intranasal steroids. Therefore, it may potentially have more systemic effects on individuals. These can include growth suppression in children, glaucoma, cataracts and osteoporosis, among others.

When prescribing Nasocort AQ, physicians and patients should consider the risks and benefits of using medications within this class and whether Nasocort AQ is the best medication for the patient given their preferences and general state of their health.