Your Chronic Cough Is Probably Not Due to the Coronavirus

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Countries all across the world are in constant panic because of the coronavirus. While the infection is serious, there’s no need to run away from every single person that coughs. There are many causes of chronic cough with allergies being one of the main culprits. So before you diagnose yourself or others with the coronavirus infection, it’s important to know the facts about some of the triggers of chronic cough and what to do about it.

Common Triggers of Chronic Cough

There are many common triggers of chronic cough. Allergies can cause coughing when particles enter the mouth or nose. When this happens, allergists refer to it as an allergic rhinitis cough. Our allergists can easily diagnose and treat this symptom during your appointment at one of our allergy centers in NYC. 

Another common trigger of chronic cough is postnasal drip. Postnasal drip is excess mucus that accumulates and drips down the back of the nose and throat. People with excess mucus tend to clear their throat or cough more than normal. Visit an allergist or ENT specialist to treat your postnasal drip.

Asthma and chronic bronchitis also trigger chronic coughing. Both conditions are lung diseases that make it difficult for patients to breathe at times. Categorized by inflammation in the airways, asthma and chronic bronchitis cause coughing when exposed to irritants. Your asthma symptoms may also worsen due to undiagnosed allergies, especially during allergy season. Contact your NYC allergist to determine the trigger of your chronic cough.

Diagnosing Your Chronic Cough

There are various ways to diagnose chronic cough. To determine if your cough is due to allergies, a physician will perform an allergy test. Allergy testing is available at NY Allergy & Sinus Centers. Our Board-Certified Allergists also test for asthma during your appointment. Using an exhaled nitric oxide test, we can determine airway inflammation in the lungs. 

If our physician suspects your coughing is due to a sinus infection, you may need a CBCT scan to view your sinuses. Our cone beam scanner delivers 3-D images of your sinuses that allow for a more precise diagnosis of your sinus problems. Most cases of chronic cough are diagnosed during your first appointment. Only in rare circumstances may you need to get tested for a serious virus, like coronavirus, in a hospital or lab. 

Treatment Options

Treatment options for chronic cough involve allergy treatment for allergic cough and inhaled corticosteroids for symptoms caused by asthma. Many coughs due to sinus infections resolve on their own or with antibiotics. At NY Allergy & Sinus Centers, we offer personalized treatment plans created to help you feel better fast. 

When to Worry About Your Chronic Cough

You shouldn’t worry too much about your cough unless symptoms get worse or don’t resolve after treatment. Also, contact your physician if you experience mucus and chest pains. Unless your cough is accompanied by a fever, it isn’t necessary to panic. Book an appointment at NY Allergy & Sinus Centers for quick diagnosis and relief. 

Meet the Physician Collaborator

Dr. Kena Shah is a board-certified physician specializing in adult and pediatric allergy & immunology. She received her degree from Nova Southeastern University in Miami, Florida. She participates in research and has authored and co-authored multiple journal articles. You can book an appointment with her by calling (718) 416-0207 or by visiting one of our six locations.